Monthly Archives: May 2017

There’s a beautiful story in The New York Times about Jewish and Muslim  families spending time together to get to know each other. Fighting against both anti-Semitism and Islamophobia intimate dinners are shared to get to know each other. Candles are lit, children are blessed and stories are shared about maintaining a  unique religious life in our diverse city.

PatchWorks Films have produced some beautiful movies that deal with Jewish and Interfaith Stories. These films provide tools for schools and synagogues and churches to explore Interfaith and intercultural complexities. check them out at  

I had the honor to officiate at an Interfaith Wedding, here in the city, on Saturday. The couple wrote their vows, and asked me to do a contemporary reading of the Seven blessings. I read part of the prayer in Hebrew and part of it in English. They were sensitive to many of the gusts not understanding Hebrew. We did the traditional blessing over the wine and the groom broke the glass…. Read More