“My fiance and I had a lot of details that we needed to work out. Reb Joni asked us questions that helped us prioritize and look at our values. She helped us see ways that we could communicate more effectively. We are going ahead with our wedding much clearer about who we are to each other. She’s been an enormous source of strength. I’m so happy that she will be our officiant.”

Susan R.   

“Our son was shy and did not feel prepared to have his Bar Mitzvah at our synagogue. Reb Joni spent time with him. She provided tutoring and gave him the tools that he needed to perform the ceremony. Our son was so proud of his achievement. It has kept him connect to Judaism.”

Michael F. Winter 

“Since I am not a member of my synagogue, I did not know what to do when my Father died. I called Reb Joni because she had seen him several times, as a Chaplain in our community hospital. She made all of the arrangements,spoke with sensitivity at the funeral and even conducted the Shiva Minyan at our home. I felt such relief because she took care of everything with concern and sensitivity.”

Roz L. Winter 

“Reb Joni conducted a baby naming in our home. We are an interfaith family and while my husband wanted this I had no idea of what to expect. She spent hours with both of us. We discussed the history of baby namings. She really wanted to know about both of our families. She created a ceremony that honored my husband’s Jewish heritage and invited my Catholic-Italian parents to fully participate in our daughter’s baby-naming. I am so happy to share this memory and give this testimonial.”

Louise V. Winter 

“We saved and saved and finally had enough money to buy our first house. I didn’t just want a house warming party. I wanted our home to be a spiritual as well as a physical sanctuary. My house in New Jersey always had a mezuzah and I knew that I wanted one also. Reb Joni took the time to give us the history of the mezuzah and it’s reminder of connection to God as we enter and leave our home. My husband and I pause and give thanks with this awareness day after day.”

Mike and Ellen


One Comment on “Testimonials

  1. Hello

    Good morning. My name is Theresa and a bride-to-be…We need a Officiants for our wedding.The wedding venue is Glasshouse Chelsea at 545 W 25th St, New York, NY 10001…………I will let you know when we complete the booking with the venue. We will need you for 2hrs from 10am to 12pm for the ceremony and reception….The date of the wedding is Thursday, March 23/2023 and the number of guests is approximately 50.Please let me know if you will be available and how much you will charge.

    Kindly send her an email at. theresaba05@gmail.com for more information and let her know where you can be found in New York

    Thank you
    Theresa ba

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