Monthly Archives: April 2018

There is so much work that goes into the planning of the wedding. These include the venue, the flowers, the menu, the bridal party and of course planning the ceremony. The moment that the couple become “married” is just spectacular.

This third week of counting the Omer, we are exploring different aspects of Tiferet:Beauty. I am in the midst of working with many couples, who are planning their ceremony’s and getting married. I’m struck by how eager they are to listen to their partners’ as they talk about themselves. They are respectful, and kind and funny. They are so very thoughtful about the words that they want to share on their wedding… Read More

We can choose to explore what it’s like to leave our comfort zone and take on the practice of a week of Matzo. It seems to me that when we feel constriction .. expansion is such a grand thing. There’s pleasure in the Matzo crunch. There will be, for me, even greater pleasure, in the release and bite of that French bagette. via Daily Prompt: Explore