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The Lower East Side

IMG_4578I saw this on an early Sunday morning in February. How romantic and so compelling.

Nol & Rebecca’s Wedding

Season of Our Joy

In The Jewish Calendar the times between Rosh Hashanah( Jewish New Year)  and Simchas Torah( The Giving of the Torah)  is known as the “Season of Our Joy.” It is both compelling and festive. This time ,during September and October, is an opportunity for reappraisal and redirection. We get a chance to look at our lives and project what it is that we’d like to move towards in the coming year.

Sometimes though we can get stuck. The news can be grim. We get alerts on our devices that can set us on edge. How can we each experience the possibility of joy and satisfaction? I suggest that we pause. Turn the device over and silence the news. Begin to develop a practice of gratitude. Look around. See who is in your life. Look up and take in the colors, fragrances and sounds that are all around. Really pause and consider that you and me and each of us, can make every season one of joy and fulfillment.

The New Year

My Rabbi’s at Bnai Jeshurun Synagogue, in New York City have been teaching about the gap that can exist in our lives:  that space between reality and aspiration. On the one hand there is the possibility of cynicism : this is how the world is and how it’s always been, so why bother to try to change it. On the other hand we can live is a place of naïveté and a place of false illusions. How do we bridge that gap?

On this Rosh Hashanah I suggest that we become the  engineers of our lives.We need to build sturdy bridges that provide a solid platform. Each of us has a word that connotes a name, a face, or a place within our selves of depth and dimension.

We know that this word  connects us to our higher selves. All of us need to access that word, that place or that  being that allows us to cross between the real and the dreams. The gap can be bridged. Be brave! Draw up your plans and forge ahead.


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While In Santa Fe

I visited the Santa Fe Museum. I found a deeply moving exhibit by Judy Chicago. I was touched by these two pieces which were done in 1990.  These embroidered pieces of art are so relevant now. These are  difficult times in Israel and in Gaza. Sometimes all we can do is to send our hopes and dreams for better times through these streams of connection. IMG_3788IMG_3790

Mothers’ Prayers

Mothers’ Prayers.

Mothers’ Prayers

I would like to share the following prayer that was written at the beginning of the current crisis in Israel and in Gaza.It is entitled “Candle for Peace” and the writers are
Ibtisam Mahameed and Tamar Elad-Appelbaum

Let us Light Candles for Peace.
Two mothers, one plea: Now, more than ever, during these days of so much crying, on the day that is sacred to both our religions, Friday, Sabbath Eve, Let us Light a candle in every home-for peace.
A candle to illuminate our future, face to face.
A candle across border, beyond fear.
From our family homes and houses of worship Let us Light each other up.
Let these candles be a lighthouse to our spirit
Until we all arrive at the sanctuary of peace.

A Time in Between

In the Jewish calendar we are in the midst of Shavuoth: The Feast of Weeks.  It is called the festival of weeks because we prepare for the festival from Passover until June 3rd. The festival commemorates the anniversary of the giving of Torah to the Jewish people at Mount Sinai. We are in an auspicious time: between two great events in our history.