Purim: A week later

It’s nearly a week since Purim ended. Friends and family are now making plans for Passover. Lingering, for me, is an imagined conversation between Queen Vashti and Queen Esther. Queen Vashti, in the Megillah, is asked to appear before the King. She refuses. But what is exactly that she says ‘no’ to? We don’tImage have any idea. The events that we read about, purportedly take place 460 B.C.E. The Persian King needs a new Queen (it’s a long story, called a Megillah) and by the end of the tale Queen Esther is chosen.The tyrant is gone and our people are saved.Is there advise that Vashti would give to the new Queen? Will Esther, in her role of power have anything to do with the loser? I’d like to think that each of them could engage in a dialogue of inquiry.

Esther to Vashti :What happened that you needed to say ‘no!’ I can’t do that anymore”

Vashti to Esther: What happened to you that you stepped forward and said “yes, I will do what’s asked.

Any ideas?

Meanwhile, we all celebrate and enjoy a piece of Hammentashen. After all, it is a time of triumph and joy. 

2 Comments on “Purim: A week later

  1. Thanks for raising these questions for us to meditate on. This is great food for thought!

  2. Joni, this is wonderful. Warm and wise and provocative. I really feel your presence.

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