Elul: the month before Rosh HaShana

The Sisterhood Of Huntington Jewish Center met two nights ago for our Rosh Chodesh gathering. This is a monthly tradition of women studying texts together.

It’s that very powerful time in the Jewish calendar year: it is Elul, the month before Rosh HaShana. I was honored to facilitate.

Here are some questions that we looked at:

How well do we listen when someone is talking to us?

Are we checked out, interrupting or present with them?

What is our response when faced with an intractable situation?

Do we rebuke, engage, bide our time, or move on to find kindred spirits?

A start might be to gather in a circle, as we did, and join our voices in the niggun and depth of Adon Olam. We can hold each other in support at this sacred time of possibility and transformation.

Certainly we are not alone. We are all held in way that are both seen and unseen.

Thank you to Rabbi Adina Lewittes and B’nai Jeshurun for our study materials

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