Moving On

In this weeks Torah portion we read about moving from slavery towards redemption. There’s no promise that the road ahead will be easy, untroubled, or certain. What we do know, as the readers, is that remaining in servitude is no longer possible.

Some context from Torah to the world that I’m in: Here in New York we have had our first snowstorm. The hospitals are filled to capacity with Covid cases. It’s the first anniversary of the Capitol riot. Many relationships that were solid have shattered.

And yet: it’s nearly Tu Beshavat when the first buds will appear on the almond trees. There is collaboration and friendship in the world of music, theater and literature. I’ve just officiated at a glorious Interfaith wedding. Both families lit a unity candle and sincerely embraced each other. Babies are being treated, and born and the sun continues to rise. The light is there. My work, our work, is to position our chairs and our eyes to embrace that light.

As we leave slavery, that walk won’t be easy. Our backs are covered even as we feel that pebble of doubt, rolling around in our shoes.

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