Is hours away. We sit around the table with friends and family. As we tell the story about our liberation each of us is aware of the poignancy and depth of Passover: we were slaves and now we are free. We are free and now we have work to do! As each of us reaches out how can we help those that are enslaved? Is it volunteer work or is it makes a contribution to HIAS or a similar organization. Let’s drink our wine…stay strong…and never be discouraged

last night, at Bnai Jeshurun Synagogue Cantor David Mintz shared some of Leonard Bernstein’s remarks after hearing about the killing of President Kennedy. It’s the day after the killings in Pittsburgh and I want to share these words of Bernstein’s with you.

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It was a beautiful evening and a joy to officiate at the wedding. Many blessings of love and peace.

On the Seine

I was in Paris a week ago getting ready to officiate at a wedding.  I came across these locks on the bridge that crosses over to the Orsay. Be it in Paris, New York or wherever it’s beautiful when two people have found each other! I watched a couple place their locks on the bridge. I sent them my best wishes.IMG_9369

We walked from Flatbush Avenue Prospect Park. We were a caravan of family and friends who travelled far and wide to witness a ceremony infused with love and with great joy.

The Sisterhood Of Huntington Jewish Center met two nights ago for our Rosh Chodesh gathering. This is a monthly tradition of women studying texts together.

It’s that very powerful time in the Jewish calendar year: it is Elul, the month before Rosh HaShana. I was honored to facilitate.

Here are some questions that we looked at:

How well do we listen when someone is talking to us?

Are we checked out, interrupting or present with them?

What is our response when faced with an intractable situation?

Do we rebuke, engage, bide our time, or move on to find kindred spirits?

A start might be to gather in a circle, as we did, and join our voices in the niggun and depth of Adon Olam. We can hold each other in support at this sacred time of possibility and transformation.

Certainly we are not alone. We are all held in way that are both seen and unseen.

Thank you to Rabbi Adina Lewittes and B’nai Jeshurun for our study materials

Joyous Ceremony

There is so much work that goes into the planning of the wedding. These include the venue, the flowers, the menu, the bridal party and of course planning the ceremony.

The moment that the couple become “married” is just spectacular.

Tiferet: Beauty

This third week of counting the Omer, we are exploring different aspects of Tiferet:Beauty. I am in the midst of working with many couples, who are planning their ceremony’s and getting married. I’m struck by how eager they are to listen to their partners’ as they talk about themselves. They are respectful, and kind and funny. They are so very thoughtful about the words that they want to share on their wedding day. This a reminder to me that Tiferet, is always yearning to be both expressed and embraced.

Matzo and Freedom

We can choose to explore what it’s like to leave our comfort zone and take on the practice of a week of Matzo. It seems to me that when we feel constriction .. expansion is such a grand thing. There’s pleasure in the Matzo crunch. There will be, for me, even greater pleasure, in the release and bite of that French bagette. via Daily Prompt: Explore

Calendar Wedding

Today I found myself looking this stunning and familiar painting on a Chagall Calendar. I have seen the painting many times. But today, with the new moon of Shevat about to make its appearance I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Something about her it uncertainty or is it focus? The groom, on the other hand, IMG_8032 (1) is very present and feels connected to his bride. For sure they are surrounded by music and sunshine.