My first Zoom Wedding

This was my first zoom wedding…we were connected in Michigan, Colorado, New York and Brussels. The joyous bride and handsome groom exchanged their vows, placed the rings on each others’ fingers, signed their wedding license and the parents gave their toasts and their deep blessings.

Mazal Tov

We go from event to event..from person to person..situation to situation. We need to pause and reflect and really notice: have I created something new today…have I moved into a new phase of my life today….have I taken on a new spiritual practice today. When we create a ritual to bookmark time we have a way to remember the paradigm shift. We have a way to look back and say to ourselves “ good job…maybe not easy.. it I did it.” Think about a ritual that you can offer yourself to mark and to honor this shift.

Was filled with dozens of volunteers like myself from all over the city. The hungry guests had be on line, for hours, across from the World Trade Center,waiting for both company and a delicious meal. This was co sponsored by the Church and the engaging Interfaith Center. This prayer was at each place setting. It was an honor to be a table host and to serve generous portions of food

Yom Kippur and Forgiveness

I was so touched by this photo and “Tiny Love Story” in today’s New York Times. It was written and photographed by Sandra Portocarrero.

Life has so much to offer if we can get out of our own stories

72 Street

Walking down the street on this hot steamy day in the city I passed this sign: an offer to clean a garment for someone who was out of work and who needed their item cleaned. So many daily acts of kindness…so many opportunities not to be complacent

Have you considered using public spaces for your ceremony? There are many beautiful places in the New York City and Long Island area. There may be budget issues or simply a love for the outdoors that may lead you to consider

“ this is exactly the right place for our ceremony”

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Is hours away. We sit around the table with friends and family. As we tell the story about our liberation each of us is aware of the poignancy and depth of Passover: we were slaves and now we are free. We are free and now we have work to do! As each of us reaches out how can we help those that are enslaved? Is it volunteer work or is it makes a contribution to HIAS or a similar organization. Let’s drink our wine…stay strong…and never be discouraged

last night, at Bnai Jeshurun Synagogue Cantor David Mintz shared some of Leonard Bernstein’s remarks after hearing about the killing of President Kennedy. It’s the day after the killings in Pittsburgh and I want to share these words of Bernstein’s with you.

This is “Amanda + Michael Highlight” by Lazylambs Films on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
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It was a beautiful evening and a joy to officiate at the wedding. Many blessings of love and peace.